Our Environment

sustainability standards

Mountbatten Homes is a company that believes in investing in the future, which not only encapsulates our buildings but also the way we build and use them thereafter.

We are committed to being efficient with our energy, water and waste, whilst constructing in a method that is environmentally friendly. Here are some of the steps we are taking to create a positive impact on the environment.



friendly buildings

Energy efficient fixtures and fittings

Promoting communities by integrating social and private housing

Utilising open spaces by incorporating gardens and living roofs

Cycle storage in place of car parking

Using sustainable

building methods

Providing a safe workplace and a healthy environment for our employees

Recycling bins as part of our waste policy

Exploration in sustainable build methods, e.g. cross laminated timber


renewable resources

Replacement and addition of trees

Using natural sources of energy
(air, sun, water)

Increased biodiversity